As many of you likely know, Peter Mewett (long-time Ontario beekeeper and owner of EQA) retired in fall 2021. My name is Mark Kalisz and I am the new owner of EQA. I am really pleased to continue the great work that Peter started and Peter and I will work to ensure a smooth transition for all current and past customers.

I look forward to proudly serving Peter's existing clients by providing the same high-quality queens to Canadian beekeepers at great prices for early season splits, re-queening or pollination needs. Preliminary information regarding queens, ordering, and arrivals can all be found below. 

I will continue to provide customers with queens from Australia (Taylor), California (Olivarez), Italy (Acebi), Ukraine (Early Queen Arrivals),Chile (Nunez), and Canada (Northstar).

Feel free to contact me anytime and I look forward to meeting you soon. Wishing you a safe, prosperous, and successful 2022 season. 


Mobile: 226-971-2336  Email: