Quality service and reasonable pricing for early season:
splits, re-queening or pollination needs.

This year I will be importing queens from Australia (Taylor), California (Olivarez), Hawaii (Krones) and Chile. All producer stocks are selected for honey production, gentleness and hygienic traits.

Some background on the following suppliers is outlined:

• Australia:

   - Taylor: Both Carniolan and Italian hybrids available. Ships in 3 hole cages. Largest queen exporter in Australia.
• California:
   - Olivarez: Carniolan (no longer called NWC) and Italian (Min Hygienic) queens available. Open mated with VSH drones. Queen performance is usually very reliable. Ships in California mini cages. Limited quantities of Saskatraz queens also available. 
• Hawaii:
   - Hawaiian Queen Company (Krones): a smaller queen producing operation (50,000 annually) servicing mainland US and some Canadian buyers. Good queen performance in 2017. Offers Italian and Carniolan hybrids. Ships in 3 hole cages. REQUIRES ADVANCE PAYMENT.
• Chili:
   - Chilean queens also available April 24, May 1 and May 8th at $31.00/ea. Minimum order 50. Five hundred one kg packages available at $198.00/ea. early April.

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Important Details