Collection: Queens

Now is the perfect time to place an order for all of your early queen needs!

I have queens arriving every week from April - June 2022 from Australia, California, Chile, Ukraine, and Italy. Information on each type of queen can be found below as well as tentative pricing information.

Local pickup locations include Guelph, Toronto, Port Hope, and Havelock.

Shipping is available anywhere in Canada.

Submit your order using our online form. Once orders are received, I will follow up with you to confirm any additional details and billing information. 

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    Both Carniolan and Italian hybrids available. These queens adapt well to our climate, are gentle, and are good honey producers. These ship in 3-hole cages. Taylors are the largest queen exporter in Australia.


    Carniolan, Italian and Saskatraz queens available. These have exceptional genetics. Dr Albert Robertson, (breeder) partners with Olivarez for early Saskatraz production, suitable for our climate. All have strong hygienic qualities, are good producers and are of gentle temperament. Ships in California mini cages.


    Single source producer ships to many countries throughout Europe. This queen has favorable genetic properties, is a good honey producer, broods up well in the spring and possesses a gentle demeanor. Known as the ‘Mountain Bee’, it is winter hardy and well-suited to the Canadian environment. All queens are marked


    Buckfast Queens.Exceptional genetics, similar breeding season to Canada, strong hygienic qualities and selection strategies, only fresh queens shipped, all queens marked, unique double release queen cage. 


    Carniolan Queens. Strong, high quality, and healthy is what to expect from these queens. Very gentle, big honey producers.


    North Star Queens are raised by some of the most experienced queen producers in Canada. Specifically bred for wintering ability, honey production, resistance to mites and brood diseases. 

  • Italy-Melita

    Melita Carniolan queens from Italy start arriving to Canada around the beginning of May and come weekly into June. Docility with a good defensive instinct and grooming skills. Great ability to overcome moments of climate imbalance (cold returns or periods of drought) maintaining an excellent balance between bees, stocks and brood.